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Gottscheer Choir Greeting.WMA(Audio File)from the Gottscheer Picnic Performance 2006


A postcard of the City of Gottschee.(A photograph by Josef Dornig)  (Altlag,Gottschee)The original photograph of this scene was given to us by my father's uncle, Jacob Gladitsch who is in the photograph.
 Niedertiefenbach,Gottschee in the 1930's.(A photograph by Hans Gladitsch)

 A postcard showing some of the significant buildings of Gottschee.

This postcard was donated by Renate Michitsch.

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 The Church dedicated to the Assumption of Mary was built in Lichtenbach in 1656. St.Valentin Church in Niedertiefenbach,Gottschee.(A photograph by Hans Gladitsch)


This postcard was donated by Agnes Loser.




This postcard was donated by John Schweiger.



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 Morobitz,Gottschee.  Rieg,Gottschee.



This photo was donated by Richard J. Sider.


This photo was donated by Ida Pausche.

To see a list of the names of Gottscheer villages by Josef Perz from the Gottscheer Kalender, transcribed into modern script by John B.Gladitsch ,click here>Gottschee-list.html

 The Clergy of Gottschee (1930) in a picture from the Gottscheer Kalender. The Teachers of Gottschee (1905) in a picture from the Gottscheer Kalender.

 The people who established the Gottscheer Kalender  Gottscheer travelers in 1926(An advertisement in the Gottscheer Kalender)


A 1917 class photo made in Morobitz,Gottschee.A photograph given to us by Hans Loser.(Photographer unknown)  "Gottscheer Alpen" (A photograph by Hans Gladitsch)

Click here for an article written by Hans Loser in the Gottscheer Kalender Eben-Gottschee.html


 Richard Verderber

Olympic Medalist 1912

(Click on the photo to see the article written in the Gottscheer Kalender)

Josef Schleimer

Olympic Medalist 1936

(Click on the photo to see the article written in the Gottscheer Kalender)

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Alois Loy was born in 1860 and was elected "Bürgermeister"(Mayor) of Gottschee on May 20,1889 and continued in that capacity for 33years.During his administration he worked to get train service for Gottschee and in 1893 a train line from Ljubljana to Gottschee was a reality. In 1896 Mayor Alois Loy had an electric powerplant built and also the city waterworks were established.Alois Loy died on July 1,1923 and at that time the people of Gottschee stated that his diligence on behalf of the people of the city will always be remembered. (this information is from an article in the Gottscheer Kalender)


 The choir of the city of Gottschee.


The following images of villages of Gottschee are from various Gottscheer Kalenders.The Photographer Josef Dornig made many of the images in the Gottscheer Kalender.He was born in Brooklyn ,New York in 1904 and returned with his Gottscheer parents,who met in New York, to Gottschee when he was six years old.He studied music at the Laibach Konservatorium and was a violinist. Josef was called "Tschoi" (Joe) in Gottschee and he was the director of the "Salon Orchestra" and also lead the Gottschee city choir with Dr.Arko.He gave violin lessons and also repaired violins.Josef Dornig built a photo studio and was a specialist in handcoloring photos before the age of color photography and invented a photo retouching device.Josef Dornig lived to the age of eighty.


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Here are some advertisements from the Gottscheer Kalend


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The following is an article from the Gottscheer Kalender.

Gottscheer Studenten an der Grazer Universität (1586-1885)

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Moesel,Gottschee 2003.html



 Karl Maria Alexander

Fuerst von Auersperg

Herzog (Duke) von Gottschee

Feb. 26,1859 - Oct. 19,1927

click here to hear John Stalzer sing the "Gottscheer Hymne"

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click here to hear a Gottscheer song by Josef Gladitsch Sr. and his sister Emma

click here to listen to a performance by Josef Gladitsch Sr. in 2002

The photo of Josef Gladitsch Sr.was made at a music competition in Gottschee circa 1938

click here to hear a traditional Gottscheer song by Hans Gladitsch and his sisters Resi and Marie recorded in 2005. ( a song that they sang in the 1920's as children in Gottschee)



 A painting of Gottschee by Albert Loser made in 1958.

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